Technical support

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AVI INFOSYS Assistance PACK is really a value-added Annual Upkeep support provided from AVI INFOSYS LLC for our clients with Biometric Products and Technologies.

We provide all kinds of support both Off-Site and On-site for the installation of website, client website or other issues such as identification, remoteness, diagnosis & rectification of our Biometric Products and Software program.

Our Support PACK assures a complete support and guarantees the availability of qualified and trained tech support team personnel whenever you require help in solving complicated technical issues.

Support PACK is really a versatile aid offering and it is structured to match your complex as well as diverse assistance needs.
You will find basically 3 Types of Assistance PACK :
Assistance PACK Normal: An economical on-site support package for regular business installs.
Support Load up Premium: A strong round-the-clock support package for crucial business installs
Support Load up Per Phone: An economical assistance alternative with regards to robust installs and Person Training as well as clients who’ve a strong in-house tech support team.