iGuard Smartcard Based

iGuard™ Technology Overview
Each iGuard™ SmartCard based Attendance System has a built-in Web Server enables all the computers in the corporate network to directly simultaneously access the device using any Internet Browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer Netscape Navigator. Different computer platforms such as Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows Linux machines can access the device. It requires no additional software. So whether you are in an airport lounge or a hotel room, you can always check if your employees are already in the office or not, and you can even control, change or disable their access rights to your office remotely via internet connection provided your iGuard Smart Card Attendance System is connected to an external IP address or your network is available through a VPN connection reachable from your location.

Multi Factor Authentication :
With iGuard, users can be authenticated and verified through Fingerprint, Smartcard or Password. And depending on the different time period, you can set up the iGuard that the users can just presents his smartcard to get allowed (such as during high-traffic period), or requires the high-security fingerprint verification (such as after office hours or during weekends and holidays).

Simplicity :
iGuard is an Internet-Ready attendance system and is the first and the only network appliance security product in the market that uses TCP/IP as the protocol

Access Feature :
Access Time restriction – you can define the authorized time for each individual or for a group of individuals. Terminal restriction – you can specify who has the rights to access a particular terminal. It is useful in a multi-device environment, where multiple doors are controlled by different devices. Password Access – you can define the period in which password can be used instead of fingerprint for access.

Technical Specifications :
iGuard is a wall-mounted unit elegantly designed with small footprint. In fact, it is the smallest stand-alone biometrics device available in the market today.

Small Footprint :
RF contactless operates at 13.56 MHz Standard NXP Mifare Card 1K bytes,15 sectors, 48 bytes each R/W is protected by encryption key, 48 bit triple DES Raw data is scrambled by 64 bit DES. High Security, suitable for all applications.Free sectors can be reserved for multiple any purposes