On-site support

AVI INFOSYS group is an organization of highly trained, experienced and certified technicians who’re efficient as well as available to assist you in security enhancement projects Twenty-four Seven. Contact Us today for your specific set up needs. our specialized staff will be pleased to find an authorized set up agent in your area.

Project Planning and Estimating

Nothing is much more troubling rather than to start a good hardware set up just to realize that additional supplies are needed. out Planning & Calculating Engineers will survey in assembling your shed needs (on-site or even via phone with your employees) and ensure that the task Bill-of-Materials is totaled before the purchase is placed. We simply need power and system points positioned at the needed location. E mail us with a common description of the upgrade ideas. Our PP&E employees will be very happy to assist you in determining all materials aspects of the task. We offer complete purchase services, kitting, storage space and delivery.

Hardware Installation support

Once the total Bill-of-Material is purchased and the set up kit is distributed completely, the installation group will be ready to start working…they will happy in providing specialized assistance and guidance for your installers, or even, when asked for by the customers, carrying out full program installation, screening and functional certification.

E- Mail us with a common description of the upgrade thoughts you desire. Our Engineering employees will explain exactly how our support teams will compliment in assembling your shed.

Hardware/Software Installation Training

  • Installation is done through experts while using professional resources, equipments, paperwork and supplies.
  • The term instruction refers to the purchase of knowledge, abilities and expertise as a result of the teaching from the vocational and practical skills.
  • Training supplied by AVI INFOSYS is really an instruction for expert development.
  • AVI INFOSYS work out is supplied on site following installation, work out normally occur on business days for about 4 hours