iGuard Supermaster Storage Server

iGuard Super master server is a back-end data server accustomed to enlarge the actual storage capacity for connected iGuard readers whenever more than One thousand users are registered. To support a great number of customers, the super Master gets the master Device from the LAN and all LM520 Visitors are set up as Customers. In this settings, the slaved iGuard visitors operate in storage cache mode, keeping the most recently used 1000 customers in storage.
During certification, if the person cannot be located in the servant iGuard’s cache, the slave iGuard may request the movement of the owner’s information in the Super master via the system. The information with this user will be kept in the slave iGuard, replacing the oldest personal information arranged recorded.

Be aware: users with auto-match privileges will always be kept in the storage cache memory. Super Master machines offer storage space capacity choices of 5000, 10,000 as well as 20,000 users. super Master utilizes the same trademarked iGuard embedded Internet Server systems that enables just about all computers (for example Apple computers, PCs, UNIX & Linux system machines) within the corporate pc network to gain access to, setup and look after security info across the iGuard LAN utilizing Internet Browser software program in the same as the iGuard LM520 Sequence readers.