iGuard Replacement Components

As an iGuard Supplier, AVI INFOSYS possesses all types of iGuard components as well as repair machinery needed to achieve field repair of the unserviceable iGuard reader.

we also offer “Repair-and-Return” Plan for iGuard and Super master maintenance from our service center for repairing as well as overhauling.
PhoneAVI INFOSYS Customer supportforspecific details In this area, you will find:
  • Daughterboard/ Scanner Devices
  • Daughterboard Assemblies
  • Replacement Instances, Keypad Addresses & Back plates
  • and other various hardware products related to iGuard restoration…
DaughterPanelwithSensing unit; includesLiquid crystal display & Casing
AlternativeDaughterPanel (SCVersions) Itemnumber: LM520-RD

Daughter Panel with Sensing unit; includes Liquid crystal display & Casing
Daughter Board with out Sensor; consists of LCDas well as Casing
Alternative Casing along with Shutter andspring time Itemnumber: LM520-C Manufacturer: FortunateTechnology

Daughter Board with out Sensor; consists of LCD as well as Casing
iGuard Outer shellwith Shutter & Springtime Replacement Keyboard

Itemnumber: LM520-K
Manufacturer: FortunateTechnology
KeypadCover — Rubber iGuard Back plate ProductNumber: iG-BACKPLATE Producer: LuckyTechnologies
iGuard Reader Installation and Grounding Backplate
Alternative Case or Back plate Screw
ProductNumber: LM520-C-SCREW
Producer: LuckyTechnologies
Casing-to-Back plate Screw Securer
iGuard RoughSurface area Mounting Mat
ItemQuantity: iG-MOUNT-PAD

iGuard mounting mat for tough surfaces; suits between iGuard back plate & walls; serves as the spacer pad whenever mounting iGuard models to brickwork or rough-textured walls surfaces