iGuard FOSC

iGuard Fingerprint Optical Sensor

New iGuard Fingerprint Optical Sensor device is now with most advanced Secugen optical sensor technology. 

The iGuard provides biometric fingerprint scanner for attendance,  time clock systems for employees function as a stand-alone or multiple door “plug and play” device. The iGuard Fingerprint Optical Sensor uses SecuGen´s fingerprint biometric technologies to authenticate registered users. It also incorporates Mifare smart card technology, easy to use embedded administrative software and web server, and can network via standard LAN or the Internet.The SecuGen SDA03M is very rugged, accurate, and affordable as it is designed for long-lasting performance in high traffic and tough environments.

Here are some reasons to choose iGuard :

  • Multiple verification methods
  • Assign access rights
  • Direct Integration of Time Attendance Logs to MS-SQL Server and also in Oracle.
  • Built-In raw reports
  • Economical: with upgrading the existing network infrastructure
  • Mobility: small device, easy to mount and and easy to transfer
  • Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership
  • TCP/IP web based device in the current market
  • Only device in the market to send real-time logs
  • Only device in the market with master slave capability which works in LAN and with VPN Connections as well.
  • Only device in the market with Off-Line working capability and automatic synchronization of logs after network comes live again after Off-Line Mode.
  • User Friendly: Embedded web server interface, very easy to use
We cover below listed Industries for our applications & software development solutions :
  • Government
  • Financial Institutions / Banks
  • Industrials / Productions
  • Hospitality (Hospitals & Hotels)
  • Educational (University & School)
  • Construction & Contracting
  • Legal, Library & Case-Handling
  • Multi Offices Organizations