iGuard Smart Card

Item Number: MIFARESC
Manufacturer: Lucky Technology

MIFARE 1K Contactless smart Card is prepared for use along with iGuard Biometric Readers. Quantity discounts accessible. Please e mail us for information on The Mifare-key fob which is a dependable and globally usable solution to variety of programs.
The flow of communication between the program or reading unit and the Mifare-chip is run entirely free of contact. Information is moved onto the chip and in the data storage (E2PROM) whereas the crucial fob itself continues to be, for example, like an ID card on the owner’s bunch of keys.
A strong RFID tag is inlayed with 1K-Bytes EEPROM Mifare chip. MIFARE 1K keyfob is a strong RFID ABS label. The small design causes it to be highly transportable and easy to be connected to lanyard, key rings, and so on. It is well suited for applications such as health spas, college student identification, the bus and others.
MF1 S50
MIFAREĀ® Classic
Working frequency: Thirteen.56
One Kbytes EEPROM
Uses ISO 14443A transportation protocol

Custom remaking:
Color: crimson, grey, yellow-colored, red, whitened (MOQ 10000pcs)
Chips: Ultra light, Mifare DESFire, I-code SLI SI1, I-code One, Ti2048, Ti256, INSIDE2K, SR176 (MOQ 10000pcs)
Mifare Wristband
Mifare Wristband is a RFID (Rf Identification) silicon wristband with two sizes for grown ups and kids. The actual ergonomic style of Mifare Wristband causes it to be a comfortable, practically imperceptible device to put on devoid of any problems. In addition, because of its water-resistant specialties, it’s ideal for programs like regular membership identification like gym membership, payment for water activities, etc.