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Please be aware that the newest patch is essential to work with this particular version of API. an example program that employs the APIs to teach the iGuard to automatically deliver the entry log report to the pc every time an individual accesses the gadget is included as well. Good illustrations for using API along with MSVC and MSVB are incorporated (Source Signal also included)
Additional features:
  • ActiveX Management for Ms Visual Fundamental.
  • Command line resources for Order Prompt With regards to Ms Home windows.
  • SNewer and more effective API Functions additional (Work with Firmware Three.0.1916A or even later).
The file contains these four sheets:
Export: this is exported attendance reports in XLS format.
Link: this is anadvancedsheetto determine thedatanecessary forthe following2sheets
Past due Analysis: this isto presentthe “Late Analysis” of all theworkersin bar-chart type.
Payroll: make use of this format calculate the actual monthly pay-roll of each worker. You can choose the employee while using combo container at the cellular B1.

Please be aware that this is just an example for demonstration objective only. You will be able to re-design the reviews based on the present operations of the company.
Please be aware that this instance only uses the actual built-in functions, like the AutoFilter & Pivot Desk Report…. There isn’t any programming needed.
Please Download the latest iServer right here (Please Download the latest iServer when the firmware version associated with iGuard is after 3.Six.5889A)
iiServer2 is an automatic information logging host for iGuard terminal. Access records will be drenched in your Computer automatically. The program utilizes the API SDK. Once the plan is released and authorized with the iGuard terminal, the terminal will instantly send all of the new entry log information to your Computer (as proven in the plans at the correct side), it works with Microsofts ODBC user interface. Therefore, the actual access record will be sent straight to database (or even as a text document). Besides, there are a number of other features put into the host. Other programs (such as pay-roll applications) may directly transfer this textual content file for pay-roll calculation.
The program provides an instant solution with regard to incorporating the actual access record data towards the existing pay-roll applications. For all those companies with in-house software development department, they will be able to also think about incorporating the API SDK directly to their own existing programs.
iGuard Employee Transfer Utility is definitely an useful function for iGuard terminal. The purpose of this utility is to transfer a large number of worker records in to iGuard . This program makes use of our API SDK.
In case your database within PC currently contains the Workers information, this particular utility could save you from re-enterinng the worker information whenever installing iGuard. Simply export the workers to a CSV document and transfer with this utility, and then the iGuard worker database will be ready within few seconds. Demo Video
Make sure you download the demonstration video clip (.mpg). It shows you the,
This particular little utility helps you to connect the real time iGuard terminal and your Computer (running Windows 9x/ME/2K) whenever your Computer starts.
The remote door way access can be used to uncover the door in a easy way. It’s a fast method to unlock the doorway in the pc without tiresome procedure. You will be able to unlock the doorway by dual clicking the image in the program tray.