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Our Company profile

AVI INFOSYS LLC is a leading certified iGuard product Supplier, biometric Security solution Provider Company located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We accommodate Business dealings in UAE, Saudi Arabic, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon, Syria, And the Red Sea.

Our policies and Strategies

The following procedures (We named them “A Dozen with Success”) will be used by “AVI INFOSYS” towards developing IT systems for our clients.
  • Define higher level business goals.
  • Assess current System support as well as services.
  • Determine long term assistance and services needed
  • Evaluate potential factor of IT department as well as involved models.
  • Analyze the gap between current as well as future methods
  • Prioritize development and convey plans
  • Implement enhanced methods for Improvement
  • Implement improved Project management software methods
  • Plan instant Developments
  • Implementation
  • Educate as well as Train customers and managers.
  • Maintain Customer Support and services
We are pleased to respond to customers projects Needs for business Wide Administration Information Methods. We not only provide expert solutions but Aide our Clients with Plans, development and Tools for very Complex Administration & Information Technology Tasks.
We have huge experience in offering services for Medium to Large local, Regional, as well as International Businesses.


  • Business and Information Technologies Consulting
  • Reusable as well as Customized Software program
  • System Integration Services within Biometric Field
“AVI INFOSYS” has successfully Created, Integrated as well as provided systems to many Customers, with a significant number of clients in the Middle Eastern region.

Below is a List of Sectors covered by "AVI INFOSYS"

  • Government
  • Financial Establishments / Banking institutions
  • Industrials / Shows
  • Hospitality (Hospitals & Resorts)
  • Educational (University & College)
  • Multi Offices Businesses

Success of "AVI INFOSYS"

Our success is derived from achieving the tangible result for our clients, sustaining a High standard of client satisfaction and creating Long-Term client associations.