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IGuard - Biometric Fingerprint/ Smartcard Based Solutions

iGuard is an Access Control and Time & Attendance device which uses Fingerprint-based Biometric Identification System and/or smart card to authenticate the employees. Our access card, connectivity, and security solutions can turn your environment into a digital world. iGuard is one of the leading providers of high-end security solutions in the region that has been on the market for over 10 years. Thousands of companies rely on iGuard to accurately and efficiently monitor access and in reporting and tracking employee payroll data.

iGuard security solution comes packed with advanced features such as Embedded Software and Embedded Web Server and requires no special installation and usage training or equipment. For both Access Control and Time Attendance System, iGuard access card, a stand-alone or multi-door plug-in and play system. iGuard card can be access separately or through a LAN/WAN setup from any Web browser. The iGuard is perfect for multi-location companies. iGuard link with Master & Slave setups over the internet and it automatically synchronizes all employee data with access logs and employee records, that makes it easy to access all details at one place.

Biometric Technology - simplify your world

Biometrics refers to the automatic identification of a person based on his/her physiological or behavioral characteristics. This method of identification is preferred over traditional methods involving passwords and PIN numbers for two primary reasons.
  • The person to be identified is needed to be actually present in the point for identification.
  • Identification depending on biometric system eliminates the requirement to remember your password or have a token.

Forgot your Password? No problem

Everyday life gets more complicated, with particularly the need to keep in mind an ever-growing and different USER IDs, passwords, Pin number numbers as well as lock combos.
  • They can be overlooked
  • They can be replicated or stolen
  • They need to be altered frequently
  • They aren't accurate constantly
Using distinctive, physical features of your entire body, such as your own fingerprint or even iris, to effortlessly determine and confirm that you are whom you claim to be, is the best and straightforward solution on the market. That is the simple truth and power associated with Biometrics Technology these days. Although biometric technologies have been around for some time, modern improvements in miniaturization, along with big cutbacks in cost, right now make biometrics easily accessible and affordable for small business owners, larger companies and open public sector companies alike.

Reasons why you should choose the iGuard Fingerprint-based Biometric Identification System

  • Plug and perform capability
  • Easy to administer and employ
  • High performance, personal identification requires less than Three seconds
  • Large and extendable storage capacity
  • Reliable as well as affordable
  • Embedded Software program and Internet server
  • Extremely safe
  • 24/7 tech assistance
  • 14 months guarantee
  • And much more...
Biometrics not just simplifies our way of life, they provide uncompromised security.